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Address: 34 Le Loi St., Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province

 University of Education was established in 1957. Before 1975, it was a Faculty belonging to the University of Hue. After the reunification of the country in 1975, University of Education was officially founded as an independent institution under Decision No.426/TTg signed by the Prime Minister on 27 October 1976. In 1994, according to Decree No. 30/CP dated April 04, 1994, Hue University was founded and University of Education has become one of the affiliated members of Hue University since then.


General objectives:

The general development objectives of University of Education to the year 2020, vision 2030 is that: Develop the University of Education towards a research and applied institution with complete training majors and levels, an institution for training teachers, reseachers, educational management staff, technology transferring, educational advising, meeting the demand of educational innovation in the integrated time.

Specific objectives:

Innovate University governance, restructuring and improving management systems at all levels, rearranging units in the University, and meeting requirements of renovation in higher education. 


International cooperation helps the University of Education acquire, develop and adapt new knowledge and technology in order to improve its efficiency of scientific research, teacher training and development. University of Education plans to build and renovate programs, modern and updated facilities to be able to welcome the opportunities for faculties, undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in overseas training courses of foreign collaborative partners.

The University is collaborating with various universities, research centres, international organizations in Germany, Japan, France, Finland, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, ….



Since 1976, University of Education has educated over 60.00 bachelor of education, more than 3.000 masters, offer over 100.000 times regular trainings for teachers at the Central, Western Highland and Mekong Delta areas.

The University has innovated towards credit system, and officially applied since the year 2008. University of Education is one of the first 20 institutions in all over the country that joined the higher education quality assessment programs and received accreditation in 2007.

With more than 60 years of establishment and development, University of Education has become a prestigious teacher training and research centre in Central Vietnam, Western Highlands as well as the whole country.




- Third-Class Labour Medal (1983)

- Second-Class Labour Medal (1991)

- First-Class Labour Medal (1996)

- Third-Class Independence Medal (2002)

- Second-Class Independence Medal (2011)

- Third-Class Labour Medal (2017)


The total area of the University is 8,9ha with 3,9ha in Le Loi Street, and 7ha in the new campus of Hue University. The University has 4 learning buildings with the total area of 14.800m2, a large auditorium with over 000 seats, a four-story library, and some small conference rooms for professional and academic issue. Besides, the University has a multi-function practicing building, including the modern laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, technical education, computer rooms and meeting halls.

The University has 32 laboratories and practice rooms with some new laboratories such as organic chemistry, physics, and some old laboratories which have been upgraded. The University has equipped enough computers, printers, and photocopies for the offices and departments.



- 12 departments: Literature and Linguistics, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology Education, Informatics, Primary Education, Civic   Education, Preschool Education.

- 07 functional Offices: Administration, Planning-Finance, Undergraduate Training, Postgraduate Training, Students Affairs, Science-Technology-International Cooperation, Testing and Quality Assurance.

- 05 Centres: Information and Library, Information Technology, Theoretical and Computational Physics, Psychological Counselling and Special Education, Pedagogy Development

- 1 Institute: Educational Research

- Thuan Hoa High school


NUMBER OF TRAINING STUDENTS (Academic year 2016-2017)

A. Undergraduate training

Fulltime: 5.672

Upgrade: 2.195

B. Postgraduate training

Master: 868

Doctorate: 76





The University of Education has overall 413 staff including 259 lecturers: 2 Professors, 44 Associate Professors, 83 Doctors, 118 Masters and 12 Bachelors. The proportion of lecturers at postgraduate level is over 95%. 

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