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International cooperation helps HUCE acquire, develop and adapt new knowledge and technology in order to improve its efficiency of scientific research, teacher training and development. HUCE plans to build and renovate programs, modern and updated facilities to be able to welcome the opportunities for international cooperation. HUCE provides opportunities for faculty, students and graduate students to participate in training courses abroad or foreign collaboration courses.  

International relations of HUCE have brought practical results in many areas, contributing significantly to the supply of high quality human resources for scientific research, teaching and technology transfer. In recent times, the specific activities of international cooperation at HUCE have included:

-   Collaborating with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia and University of Potsdam, Germany in training Master’s degree for the Project of Secondary School Teachers’ Competence Development.

-   Collaborating with University of Potsdam, Germany, in training Master’s degree and implementing quality assurance in higher education project.

-   Collaborating with University of Virginia, United States, in training Bachelor of Physics of advanced program with international standards.

-   Collaborating with Val de Loire National Engineering University, France, in training 2 + 3 programs to provide French engineers degree.

-   Participating in PHE project "The Road to higher education" of the Ford Foundation, United States. 

-   Implementing the project "Shipping Montessori approach to inclusive education in kindergarten" of DED program, Germany.

-   Collaborating with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) in sending HUCE’s staff and graduate students to JAIST to study and do research.

HUCE actively seeks and creates favorable conditions for foreign universities and organizations to come to learn and seek long-term and effective cooperation.

The cooperation documents signed during the last three years:

-         Agreement of cooperation with College of Arts and Sciences - University of Virginia, the USA, 2007

-         Agreement on Academic exchange with Honghe University, China, 2008.

-         International cooperative agreement with the university of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, the USA, 2008.

-         Agreement on academic exchange with Guangxi Normal University, China, 2008

-         Agreement on academic exchange with Yulin normal university, China, 2009.

-         Agreement on Academic and Student exchange with JAIST (Japan advanced institute of science and technology), Japan, 2009.

-         Memorandum of Understanding of Cooperation with L’ecole nationale d’ingenieurs du Val de Loire, France, 2009.

-         Memorandum of Understanding with Ubon Rajathanee University, Thailand, 2009.

-         Agreement on Education and research exchange with Hokkaido University of Education, Japan, 2009.



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